We are saying a big thank you to Gov. Cuomo and legislators here in Central New York who helped raise wages for Direct Care Professionals by supporting #bfair2directcare. Thank you to all of those who wrote thousands of letters, placed hundreds of calls and shared our message on social media. It is because of community members like you taking action that helped #bfair2directcare become a reality.

AccessCNY’s Advocacy Committee helps individuals with disabilities and their families stand up for their rights and needs. Our dedicated group of staff and volunteers meets regularly with representatives of local, state and federal government to educate our elected officials on important legislation and regulations that affect people with disabilities and the community as a whole.

How can I get involved?

1) Contact your elected officials and let them know where you stand on key issues like:

  • accessibility
  • stigma free mental health care

Find out who represents you.

2) Join an advocacy group. To find a group near you, please contact Sally Johnston, Advocacy Coordinator, at (315) 410-3370.IMG_3054_web

3) Stay informed. Keep an eye on the media to learn about developments in disability issues. Check back to AccessCNY’s website frequently, as we will post interesting links here.

4) See a problem in your community? Let us know what matters to you. Contact us.

Important Links

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