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Independence matters.

When a person is able to make their own decisions about their wants and needs they gain dignity, choice and self-worth. At AccessCNY we value person-centered services that help foster independent lives.

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Tyrell (left) has worked at Provisions Bakery for a year and he loves it! He credits the supportive learning environment at Provisions for helping him gain the confidence to develop new skills and pursue his goals of going back to school for photography. AccessCNY staff member Spencer (center) helps spearhead the Syracuse area’s new Crisis Intervention Team, which provides police training on how to interact safely and compassionately with individuals in a mental health crisis. Johnathan (right) has been coming to AccessCNY for four years; that’s half his life! He receives adaptive equipment through AccessCNY’s TRAID Center and a range of therapies at our clinic. With AccessCNY’s help, Johnathan is gaining the skills he needs to be independent.


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