Spaulding Respite

Re-opening plans for our respite services can be found below:

Spaulding Respite Service provides caregivers with a break from the day to day care needs of their family members. Short term, planned respite services are available at a friendly supervised setting by trained staff who provide the level of care to meet the needs of each individual. Respite also provides individuals being served with the opportunity to participate in social activities with peers at the program site and recreational activities in the community.

AccessCNY has two houses which run two separate programs.  The weekend overnight program runs from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.  Each house also has an afternoon/evening weeknight program that takes place from 4-8 p.m.  This includes recreation and meals, often following work or other programs.

Currently, the programs work with adults, but has historically had sessions with older adolescents. AccessCNY pre-screens each individual to allow those with similar interests and abilities to share time together.



Merrilee Gorton
Associate Director of Residential Services
Phone: 315-478-6210 Ext. 103 | Fax: 315-478-1575