Employment Services

Programs provide eligible individuals with a variety of employment-related supports.

Bridge Services

Works with individuals already receiving other AccessCNY services to provide community-based supports to adults.

Independent Housing

Scattered Site Supportive Housing through our Independent Housing Program (IHP) assists people with establishing safe, affordable permanent housing.

Residential Programs

Provides Office of Mental Health Certified Housing in community residences and apartment settings.

Sensory Integration Therapy

AccessCNY provides multi-sensory experiences for people with a variety of sensory deficits.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy services help individuals increase their communication abilities.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical and occupational therapy services help individuals increase their functional abilities and independence.

Outreach Services

Outreach Services encompass a wide range of programs including Family Support, Service Access Assistance, Respitality, summer camp and reimbursements.

Environmental Modifications

Program can assist in home and workplace alterations that improve accessibility and the ease of daily activities.

Individualized Support Services

ISS helps adults with disabilities obtain the funding they need to live independently.