AccessToday Employee Registration

The registration deadline has now passed. Please contact Nikki Bomasuto at or 315-410-3384 to purchase your AccessToday tickets.


Purchase your tickets and tables for AccessCNY’s AccessToday Dinner! You can expect to hear inspiring stories of progress, partnership and pioneers for people of all abilities from across Central New York. Join us in supporting those stories and creating more like them.


All AccessCNY Employees can purchase a $50 reduced cost ticket for themselves and one other person.



Each participant in AccessCNY’s programs qualifies for two $50 reduced cost tickets (person served, plus one). For participants in financial need, we also have a limited number of $25 tickets. Please contact Nikki Bomasuto at or 315-410-3384 for information on availability. Additionally, one guest of a participant can purchase a $50 ticket.

Registration ends September 20, 2019.