Amy Lounsbery

Amy and Nathan at the Park

Amy Lounsbery is an architect, AccessCNY board member and a proud mother. She first became acquainted with AccessCNY’s legacy agency Enable, when the agency began providing services for her son Nathan (who has a disability). The quality and compassionate care that Nathan received from Enable inspired Amy to join their board.

Twenty five years later, AccessCNY is still empowering Nathan to live his best life; he happily resides in one of our community residences. In Amy’s own words: “the amazing staff and administration at AccessCNY provide services for Nathan that improve the quality of his life profoundly.”

Q&A with Amy

Q: What makes AccessCNY’s mission important to you?

A: “It is important to me knowing that AccessCNY delivers services with dedication, compassion, innovation and commitment. This greatly impacts the quality of people’s lives, particularly when they are dealing with circumstances outside of their control. This wonderful agency is full of everyday heroes.”

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