Debra Fenocchi

The Fenocchi family has been involved in disability rights efforts in Central New York for decades. Debra’s parents Jules and Grace were strong supporters of Spaulding Support Services, where Debra’s brother John received services. 

Inspired by her parents, Debra joined the Spaulding Support Services Board of Directors. When the agency later merged with AccessCNY, Debra chose to continue her service on our Board of Directors. Debra currently works at Columbia University in New York City and resides in Bronxville, NY. 

Deb and her family are known as being friendly and hands-on supporters of disability programs. Jules Fenocchi was post-humously honored at AccessCNY’s annual awards ceremony.

Q&A with Deb

Q: Who is someone you admire and why do you admire them?

A: “I admire my parents. They advocated for my brother who has Down’s Syndrome during a time when people with disabilities were often ignored by society. They were progressive in recognizing my brother’s capabilities and the potential of others with disabilities. They were determined to improve the lives of those with disabilities and always volunteered at the programs/organizations that my brother was part of and wanted to make a difference.” 

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