Elaine Walter, Secretary

Elaine Walter served on the board of AccessCNY legacy agency Transitional Living Services (TLS) throughout the 1990s. Though Elaine stepped back from the board while she was serving in the county government, she never lost sight of their mission. Soon after she retired, Elaine rejoined the TLS board and stayed through the merger with Enable.

According to Elaine, the best part of serving on the board is celebrating participant’s personal growth and accomplishments with them. She is proud to work with AccessCNY to create a community where everyone is “accepted as capable and encouraged to develop in the ways most meaningful to themselves.”

Q&A with Elaine

Q: Who is someone that you admire and why do you admire them?

A: “There are lots of people I admire, both living and dead, but the one with the most influence on my life was my father. His honesty and interest in doing the right thing were expectations to live up to. He served on many boards, volunteered his professional services as a dentist, donated freely to good causes and to individuals without seeking recognition and always encouraged me to pursue any education or interests I chose.”

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