Gregory Rogers, President

Greg Rogers grew up in the Eastwood area of Syracuse, only a couple miles away from AccessCNY’s Court Street building. He knows the community intimately and is always striving to contribute to the collective good.

While attending the Leadership Greater Syracuse program, Greg was introduced to AccessCNY’s services. Greg’s son Joey is on the autism spectrum, so he knew from personal experience how difficult it can be to find good supports. Years after joining the board, Greg is still as passionate as ever about the work AccessCNY does.

Greg is the current Board President.

Q&A with Greg

Q: Who is someone you admire and why do you admire them?

A: “My son Joey. Joey has autism. He has achieved so much. He finds ways to communicate with those around him even when he is not understood. His laugh is amazing and no matter how difficult challenges may get, he always finds a smile.”

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