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AccessCNY’s Access, Change, Empower (A.C.E.) Society was started with the belief that many small, kind acts can create a movement. The elite members of the A.C.E. Society commit to donating a small amount of money each month, knowing that their gifts will be amplified by others’.

Learn below how a donation of just $5 dollars a month can improve people’s lives.

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The Impact of Monthly Gifts


Using Music for Recovery

At the David Clark Learning Center (DCLC), music and art are used to help individuals with acquired brain injuries (ABIs) build new skills and recover lost memories.

For only $5/month, you can help the DCLC purchase another instrument for members to use during their Center “jam sessions.”


Help Families Take a Break

AccessCNY knows that being a caregiver can be tiring. Our Respite program provides people with disabilities and their families the chance to take a break from the stresses of life.

For only $10/month you can help fund activities such as tie dyeing, feeding the ducks and trips to the movies for all Respite participants, while their caregivers rest.


Build a Garden

At Unique Peerspectives (UP), a special team of trained peers provide virtual and in-person mental health support for anyone who “drops in.”

For $25/month you can help the participants of UP build a raised vegetable garden in the middle of downtown Syracuse and enjoy a shared meal with the food they grew themselves.


Training for the Self-Advocates

AccessCNY encourages participants in all of our programs to advocate for themselves and ensure they are always being supported in pursuing their goals. The Self-Advocates are a group of participants that have taken a special interest in self-advocacy and spend time learning to be more effective advocates for themselves and others.

For $50/ month you can support the Self-Advocates in attending a self-advocacy training or conference in Albany.


A Night at Berkana

Berkana House provides a safe, supportive space for people to go when they are struggling with their mental health. Each guest has their own room and access to the common spaces… but more importantly, all guests have 24/7 access to trained peers who have “been there” and know how to help.

For $75/month you can sponsor a night of safety for someone at Berkana.


Feed a Foster Family

AccessCNY’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program supports foster children who have been abused or neglected.

For $100/month you can sponsor a CASA family and ensure that they always have food on the table.

Join the A.C.E. Society

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