Matt Seubert, Associate Executive Director for Development, Communication and Advocacy

If you have ever been to an AccessCNY event, you have probably met Matt Seubert. As the Associate Executive Director for Development, Communication and Advocacy, Matt and his team are responsible for agency events, fundraising, internal and external communications and AccessCNY’s advocacy efforts. According to Matt, the variety in his job keeps things interesting and rewarding. After more than a decades at AccessCNY, Matt is still inspired by the impact AccessCNY’s services make; not only for participants but for the community as a whole.  

Q&A with Matt

Q: Why is AccessCNY’s mission important to you?

A: “I love my role at AccessCNY and am grateful to have played a small role in the agency’s growth to serve more people over the last ten years. The more people we serve, the bigger impact we can have in creating a community where all people belong.  
I get to see every day what people with disabilities or a mental health diagnosis can achieve. I am inspired to work my hardest every day to do just a small part to help others achieve their goals.” 

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