Paul Joslyn, Executive Director

As executive director, Paul Joslyn’s main responsibility is building community connections. Whether advocating for policy changes with elected officials or attending a meeting with participants and their families, Paul helps spread AccessCNY’s core belief that our community is stronger when everyone belongs. 
Prior to coming to AccessCNY, Paul served in several different roles at Unity House of Cayuga County. He also worked alongside former Securities & Exchange Commissioner Richard Breeden to return recovered funds to victims of securities frauds. Since starting as executive director in 2016, Paul has used his professional expertise to help lead AccessCNY through several major changes- including mergers and the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Q&A with Paul

Q: Why is AccessCNY’s mission important to you?

A: “As a child, one of my closest friends and family members was my cousin Doug. I was around 8 years old when I first learned of Doug’s developmental disability as his diagnosis caused a gradual decline of his ability to learn, hear and communicate. The impact of this stayed with me for years and eventually moved me to work in this field. Doug passed away in 2009, the same year I began working for Unity House.”

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