AccessCNY Partners with CHAT Collective to Offer New Guidebook


AccessCNY is pleased to be the first CHAT Collective Ambassador organization to offer a new guidebook on how to communicate with nonverbal or limited communicators. Everyone Communicates: Learn how to talk to ME! is a guide for communicating and socializing with individuals with limited communication skills.

Access CNY 2015 - 096_weblargeWritten by Barbara Huntress Tresness, the mother of a nonverbal communicator, Everyone Communicates educates the community that everyone has the ability to communicate, even those with limited verbal skills. When Barb’s son Graham was born he struggled to communicate. The discovery of an Augmentative and Alternative Communication device opened up Graham to the world and to his family. Graham is now a confident communicator and the inspiration for CHAT Collective and the new guidebook.

“The premise of Everyone Communicates is to showcase that we all have the ability to communicate, in some way,”┬ásaid Tresness. “You might be a mom looking to communicate with your child with autism. Maybe you are a family member looking to share a special moment with a parent or grandparent who had a stroke. You could be a therapist or educator desperately trying to learn the needs of the student in front of you. This book can provide some guidance. I penned the book for those of us longing to communicate with our children, our parents, and all those with limited communication skills.”5x7 guide book accesscny edit and crop

AccessCNY is pleased to be the first ambassador for the CHAT Collective. For a limited time, Everyone Communicates is available for $19.95 through AccessCNY. Each book sale will return $5.00 to AccessCNY to help provide person-centered services to nonverbal and limited communicators and other individuals with disabilities. The guidebook is available to purchase through the AccessCNY website.

“We are pleased to offer this new guidebook to the community,” said Matt Seubert, Associate Executive Director of Development for AccessCNY. “Barb is a visionary. Where others see struggle, she sees hope. Barb recognizes potential in everyone and through creativity and determination inspires others to help create a more compassionate community. That is the real message in Everyone Communicates.”

Purchase Everyone Communicates through AccessCNY today!

Learn more about CHAT Collective and other products for limited communicators and their families.


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