Senator John Mannion Provides Grant Funding for AccessCNY Children’s Social Work Program and IRA Upgrades

(Jan. 25, 2024) On Thursday, Sen. John W. Mannion, Chairman of the Disabilities Committee, awarded two grants totaling $200,000 to AccessCNY. Grant funding will provide new children’s mental health counseling services, and upgrades at residences operated by AccessCNY for people with disabilities. These upgrades include generator installations to serve the needs of older residents or residents that require medical services powered by electricity.

“This funding directly addresses critical needs in our community to properly support the health and wellness of people with disabilities of all ages,” said Sen. Mannion. “The mental health of children with disabilities or dual diagnosis is often overlooked, and this will bring a compliment of new services online. AccessCNY is also installing generators at many of the residences it operates to meet the medical needs of older residents and allowing them to safely age at home.”

The grant funding designated for children’s social work counseling will provide $100,000 to support the mental health needs of children with disabilities or a dual diagnosis.

The grant funding designated for installing backup generators at AccessCNY’s Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) will provide $100,000 to enhance safety and security for residents, particularly older individuals relying on medical equipment requiring electricity.

“We are grateful for Sen. Mannion’s continued support and advocacy for people with disabilities,” said Paul Joslyn, Executive Director of AccessCNY. “The two recent grants facilitated by Sen. Mannion build on his legacy of supporting people with disabilities, while in office and throughout his lifetime.”

About AccessCNY: AccessCNY employs 1,400 people and serves over 2,400 people with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses, and/or acquired brain injuries each year. The agency offers a wide range of services to empower and meet the unique needs of individuals, creating a community where everyone can belong. In 2015, AccessCNY was created from the merger of two agencies that served individuals with disabilities, Enable and Transitional Living Services. AccessCNY expanded again in 2018 with the merger of Spaulding Support Services. Onondaga CASA, a program that serves abused and neglected children in foster care became part of AccessCNY in 2019. For more information about AccessCNY visit:

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