AccessVoice, Empowering Art Show for People of all Abilities

AccessCNY is partnering with local art gallery 914Works, of the Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts, to present an empowering art show which celebrates the work of artists with disabilities and mental health conditions.

AccessVoice’s opening reception, held on August 31 from 6-8pm at the 914Works gallery on Genesee Street, will begin the show, which runs through September 15. The show is a showcase unique artists of various abilities, who want to have their work seen and voice heard.  “The whole idea is to allow people with disabilities and mental health conditions, who might not normally get gallery space, a chance to showcase their projects and express themselves,” said Scott Rose, Director of 914Works.

“For 914Works and the College, this show is about reaching out and doing something good for our community, as well as the art,” Rose said. For AccessCNY, a local organization providing services to people of all abilities, the partnership just made sense.

“When I first heard of the opportunity for program participants to showcase the great art pieces they have been working on, I was immediately excited. It isn’t always easy for us to get gallery space, and it means a lot for people to be able to express themselves, and be heard,” said Matt Seubert, Associate Executive Director of Development and Communications. “And, of course, this show is also a chance for many of our different programs to come together, which is a great thing to see.”

AccessCNY has several programs which involve art, including the recently renovated David Clark Learning Center, whose membership will be a significant part of the show. The Center’s members will be joined by program participants from Community Habilitation, Harmony in the Home, Community Support Services and Supported Education—a variety of both mental health and developmental disability programs.

You can join AccessCNY and 914Works at 914 East Genesee Street, Syracuse NY.

For questions, please contact Matt Seubert, Associate Executive Director for Development and Communications at: (315) 657-0133.

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