Agnes’ Giving Tuesday Story

Over the past twenty five years, Agnes has gone from being a mother to two very active young boys, to being a community activist who serves on several local boards. AcessCNY has been there to make sure she gets the care that she needs every step of the way.

Twenty-five years ago, Agnes found herself in a tough situation. As an active young woman with small children at home, the traditional homecare model wasn’t meeting her needs, but there were no alternatives.

For over a year, Agnes dealt with her Cerebral Palsy without any assistance. Then, she found out about AccessCNY’s Consumer Directed Personal Services (CDPS) program and signed up. On that day, her life changed. Since then, Agnes says that CDPS has been “foundational” to her life.

During her twenty-five years with the program, Agnes has had several personal assistants, all of whom helped her with home and personal care tasks such as meal prepping. Her current personal assistant Mary has worked with Agnes for the past twelve years.

Agnes will tell you that she loves many things about AccessCNY’s CDPS program, but it is Mary’s help with nail and hair care that Agnes says she appreciates most, because “it allows me to feel like a woman.”

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