Cassandra & CASA

Cassandra had numerous moves as she navigated her foster care journey and never found the right family fit. As she became older, it was unfortunate, but clear that Cassandra needed to learn how to be independent. CASA worked with Cassandra to teach skills for independence and encourage her growth.

With the Food $en$e program, CASA was able to provide support for Cassandra towards her goals. The food we were able to provide her is unprepared. Initially we worked with Cassandra to seek recipes and to try new recipes and skills with the provided food. CASA was able to use this as an opportunity to talk about cooking skills, cooking safety, healthy options, and meal preparation using the items available. Cassandra needed the support of the actual food, but also was able to learn skills towards independence as she learned to cook for herself. Cassandra will age out of foster care, but she will know how to cook safely and continue towards confidence to try new food.

Although Cassandra’s file has officially closed and she is no longer in the care and custody of DCFS, our CASA continues to check in with Cassandra. (Another example of why our advocates are the best.) Recently our advocate helped Cassandra move into a new apartment and shares that she is doing well as an independent adult. Our advocate is the longest connection Cassandra has had and continues to have.

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