DSP Appreciation Week – Cameron Hudson

“I want people to know that I care, and I am here for them.”

Cameron Hudson is something of a jack-of-all-trades in the Independent Housing Program at AccessCNY. She fields questions from the community about the program, talks to people in crisis, connects program participants with resources and has a caseload of her own. In Cameron’s words, “I see more challenging people, because I have the experience.”

She explains why she loves working at AccessCNY by saying, “I love the diversity at AccessCNY. We serve people of many cultures and understanding that helps us serve more people. . . we have more services now than ever, and I want to make sure that everyone knows that.”

Counseling people in crisis can be stressful, but for Cameron, it’s another day at the office. “I enjoy when someone calls me in crisis and I can make them feel better. Helping them and working to connect them to resources makes a difference. It’s part of why I feel like I can be me at work.”

She spoke about a particularly meaningful journey with one program participant. “This person had to relocate to Utica. They made so many phone calls, connected themselves with resources they would need and made so many of their own arrangements for the move. They advocated for what they needed. When that person started with us, they would not have done that. I was so proud.”

Thank you, Cameron, for all you do.

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