DSP Appreciation Week- Carlie Read

Carlie Read always seems to be on the move. As a Direct Support Professional at one of AccessCNY’s supported apartment locations, she is constantly working to help participants. Whether that means giving them advice or handling the order and delivery of medications, Carlie always seems to be busy helping a co-worker or participant. This is why it did not come as a surprise to anyone that knows her when Carlie was nominated as an example of an exceptional DSP.

Beyond her strong work ethic, it is obvious Carlie genuinely cares about the people around her. When she received the news that she would be highlighted for DSP Recognition Week, her first reaction was excitement… her second was to ask how she could nominate her colleagues for similar awards. Similarly, when asked what her favorite part of her job was, Carlie named the participants. She says that each person has something special – some are really funny, some teach her new things – and that getting to spend time empowering the participants is what keeps her excited to keep coming back.

Carlie, keep up the great work! Thank you for all you do!

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