DSP Appreciation Week- Commane House

Pictured: Shana Cirino, Shelby Sibley, Kaydijah Bundrage, & Sarah Beckman

The Staff of Commane House


“You know how some jobs you don’t want to go to work? I pull in with a smile!” – Shana Cirino, Assistant Manager

Anyone who has ever been to AccessCNY’s Commane House will tell you that it’s a great place to visit. The house is in a quiet neighborhood and prominently features lovely gardens. However, it isn’t the facilities that makes Commane stand out in people’s minds, it’s the residents and staff. Talking with the ladies employed here, two things quickly become apparent.

First, the staff here truly love their jobs! When questioned about why they like their jobs, some of the ladies talked about the joy of seeing a smile on a participant’s face. Another mentioned that they were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about each individual’s personal history and story. Regardless of the specifics, every Commane staff member stated that working with the participants was their favorite part of being a Direct Support Professional.

The second thing that stands out about the Commane staff is their dedication to making sure each individual can reach their fullest potential. As assistant manager Shana Cirino stated, “They [the staff] bend over backwards here.” The DSPs at Commane work as a team to ensure that the residents are out in the community as much as possible. The ladies all regularly volunteer with local animal shelters and the Salvation Army together. They have also attended the Opera and often enjoy going to Syracuse University sports games. Even when weather keeps the group at the house, the staff and residents collaboate to come up with fun and creative activities, such as spa nights.

Ultimately, Shana Cirino stated it best: “When we go out in the community, other people will say [the participants] can’t do it. We’re like ‘No! They can do it… we’ll show you!”

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