DSP Appreciation Week – Dykel Howard and Katie Hohl

“It’s a wonderful experience, helping people become independent. There are rough moments, but those moments make you want to help even more.”

Katie and Dykel work together at one of AccessCNY’s residences for people with disabilities where they have 12 years of experience combined.  Together, they provide a level of care and service that has been recognized by their peers. When staff provide direct care at a group residence they have a critical role in the lives of the people they serve. Not only do they work on goal setting and independence, but the job becomes personal.

In Katie’s words, “. . . our jobs are so intimate that we become close to those we serve. It’s inevitable. We all have nicknames here, that Donna gives us. Mine is Kiki. My old nickname was banana-nose. They’re funny, my nicknames are great!”

But as Dykel says, the job comes with challenges. “It’s not an easy job, but I love being around the girls I work with everyday. It makes me feel good.”

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