DSP Appreciation Week – Jim Moffett

“I love this career, and I am happy I chose it. I am grateful to have been able to do this. I wouldn’t feel this way in another job.”

Jim Moffett has worked as a Direct Service Professional for 25 years, with 21 of them at AccessCNY. His self-deprecating style of humor is infectious, and you can immediately see why he was nominated by his coworkers for DSP Appreciation Week. When asked what his favorite part of the job is, his answer is simple: “You get to know the participants as individuals. Each of them have such unique personalities. . . they never stop surprising you.”

Moffett spoke often of his strong relationships with his coworkers, saying that without their humor and support, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

“Recently, there was a participant I was working with who broke their leg at home. We were joking around because she had practically been introducing herself as the woman who broke her leg. We had exercise goals, which of course became harder for her. I remember asking her ‘how long do you think you can go on the treadmill today?’ and I wasn’t expecting much. She said 45 minutes, and I thought ‘no way that’s gonna happen’.”

“She did it, and more. I was so proud of her.”

Thank you Jim, for all you do.

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