DSP Appreciation Week- Lori Jarrett & Michael Singletary

Lori Jarrett & Michael Singletary


We’re rounding out DSP Recognition Week 2018 by recognizing some new arrivals to our team- Lori Jarrett (above) and Michael Singletary (not pictured)! Lori and Michael recently joined the AccessCNY family as a result of AccessCNY’s merger with Spaulding Support Services. Though they are technically new to our team, that doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced! Both Michael and Lori bring a wealth of knowledge from their time as Direct Support Professionals at Spaulding.

Michael and Lori have both been described by colleagues and supervisors as “the perfect example of a role model to other DSPs.” They are exceptionally generous with their time and knowledge and are always willing to assist anyone in need- from their supervisors to strangers. Further, colleagues state that they are known for their good disposition. Even on the gloomiest of Syracuse winter days, Lori and Michael have a smile to share.

If you talk to the participants Lori and Michael support, you will hear similarly positive anecdotes. According to the Lancaster IRA Assistant Manager Rene Bullock, “The people that live in the house are always so excited everyday when they see them, they are the person [the participants] trust and rely on, the person they feel safe to talk to, to confide in.” Lori and Michael both particularly love to take personalized, one-on-one outings with participants. They always do their best to come up with new and exciting experiences to help participants work towards their goals!

Lori and Michael, thank you for all that you do! AccessCNY is so happy to have you on our team!

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