Grand Opening of New David Clark Learning Center a Success

The ribbon cutting at the New David Clark Learning Center. Pictured left to right are AccessCNY Associate Executive Director Matt Seubert, Cindy Seymour of Laci’s Tapas Bar, Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter, Laura Serway of Laci’s Tapas Bar, Dashiell Martinez of the CNY Community Foundation, DCLC Founding Member Bill Anderson, Danielle Hurley of the CNY Community Foundation, Executive Director Paul Joslyn and AccessCNY Board Member Ginny Felleman.

Yesterday, AccessCNY celebrated the expansion of the agency’s art and music center for individuals with acquired brain injuries. The David Clark Learning Center (DCLC) is a place where those with a life-altering injury come together to regain what they have lost, explore their capabilities and create new meaning in their life.

The David Clark Learning Center was started in 1994 by families looking for support for their loved ones with a brain injury. Carol Broome has been a member of the center for eighteen years. “The move to me is so exciting; I could hardly wait until we moved in. I left behind so many great memories in my heart about our old place. This new DCLC is so much bigger and brighter, the patio is amazing and the feeling inside makes you so happy. To be celebrating our new location is amazing and very exciting,” said Broome.
Thanks to the support of a vibrant community of supporters and friends, the new Center is now a reality, and able to serve more people than ever. Thank you for all you do to support AccessCNY and make projects like this possible.

For questions or coverage opportunities, please contact Matt Seubert, Associate Executive Director of Development at: (315) 657-0133.

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