Kenny’s Story – Supported Employment

“I really want to find work so I can help my mom pay the mortgage.”

Jimmy (left), stands with Kenny (right).

This is Kenny, who receives services from AccessCNY’s Supported Employment program, and Jimmy, who works with him. Kenny is 20, and recently got his high school diploma equivalent. Now, he is looking for work after having a rough time in his senior year.

“I had really severe anxiety attacks and medical problems. I had trouble going to class and I fell way behind. Eventually, I couldn’t catch up, and dropped. But now, I’ve graduated and Jimmy is helping me look for work,” Kenny said.

“When I started looking for work, I wasn’t having much luck. I had some interviews, but I didn’t get a job. After I applied for a job with the Salvation Army, one of their staff suggested I start working with AccessCNY to help me find a job. It’s been great. It’s been so easy to work with Jimmy on my resume and interview skills.”

He has an interview next week. Good luck Kenny!

UPDATE: Kenny got a job! Kenny has been hired by the Rescue Mission. Way to go Kenny!

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