Liz’s Story – Direct Support Professional

045“It’s all about consistency. I’ve been at this house for seven years. There are two other AccessCNY houses closer to my house, but I know these guys. That’s so important. We’ve built a relationship, and genuinely care about each other. That makes such a huge difference in their lives, and my work.” – Liz, AccessCNY Direct Support Professional (DSP)
Thank you, Liz, for all you do.
Consistency, relationships and support matter. Direct Support Professionals perform difficult and intimate tasks, and deserve a fair wage. DSPs have not gotten a significant raise in eight years. While Liz has stayed, many DSPs have had to make the difficult choice to take other jobs in order to care for their own families.
As wages have stagnated, turnover has skyrocketed, which hurts the people we serve – some of the state’s most vulnerable residents. To learn more about #bfair2directcare visit our advocacy page

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