Spaulding Support Services Merges with AccessCNY

Spaulding Support Services Merges with AccessCNY


Photo Caption (from left to right): President of the AccessCNY Board of Directors Michael Wirtheim, President of the CNY Community Foundation Peter Dunn and President of the Spaulding Support Services Board Julie Frawley.

On Thursday, Spaulding Support Services officially became part of AccessCNY. The two non-profit disability providers have been operating as one entity since the spring. The merger became effective on November 1.

The merged agency will operate as AccessCNY, itself the result of the merger of Enable and Transitional Living Services in 2015. Paul Joslyn will continue to serve as Executive Director. This year the agency will support over 3,000 individuals with disabilities, acquired brain injuries or a mental health diagnosis. AccessCNY will employ over 1,800 people in 2018.

“We are pleased to welcome the newest staff and participants from Spaulding Support Services to the AccessCNY family,” said Michael Wirtheim, President of the AccessCNY Board of Directors. “Both agencies dedication and compassion to those with disabilities made this merger a win-win. “I am grateful to the Board of Directors and staff of both agencies for making this a smooth transition for all of those who rely on the agencies services.”

“AccessCNY knows the importance of maintaining the legacy of Spaulding, having ourselves been formed from a merger,” said Joslyn. “To that end, this summer we announced that we would preserve Spaulding’s history by renaming the agency’s respite program. This service provides caregivers with a break from the day to day care needs of their family member with a disability. It will now be called the Spaulding Respite program. AccessCNY will continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of our community. The more expansive our services, the greater support we can provide to those in need.”

Kim Shedd, the Executive Director of Spaulding has taken on a leadership role with AccessCNY. Given the hands-on nature of supports provided by the agency, no staff reductions are anticipated as a result of the merger.

Financial support for this merger was provided by the Central New York Community Foundation’s Strategic Partnership Fund.


About AccessCNY: AccessCNY serves over 3,000 people with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses and/or acquired brain injuries each year by offering services that empower individuals to create and achieve their own success. In January 2015 AccessCNY was created from the merger of two agencies that served individuals with disabilities: Enable and Transitional Living Services. In 2018 AccessCNY expanded again with the merger of Spaulding Support Services. For more information about AccessCNY, please call (315) 455-7591 or visit:


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