Speaker Heastie Continues Annual Statewide Tour in Onondaga County, Announcing $1 Million for New AccessCNY Center to Help Children with Disabilities

(8-4-2022) On Tuesday Speaker Carl Heastie continued his annual statewide tour in Cicero, where he and Assemblymember Al Stirpe announced $1.2 million in state funds for AccessCNY to build a new center, which will help address the needs of children and young adults with disabilities.

“Every child and every family deserve access to tools and resources that will allow them to succeed and thrive,” Speaker Heastie said. “This funding will help AccessCNY provide those kinds of services here in Onondaga County. It’s great to be here today with Assemblymember Stirpe to see the great work they’re doing and announce this state funding.”

“AccessCNY provides critical services here in Onondaga County to individuals of all ages with disabilities, helping to empower them and get them the resources they need,” Assemblymember Stirpe said. “We have fought hard in the Assembly Majority for funding to support our most vulnerable New Yorkers, and it’s great to have Speaker Heastie here today to announce this funding that will help so many young people.”

Speaker Heastie and Assemblymember Stirpe, together visited the CanTeen with AccessCNY Executive Director Paul Joslyn, to announce a $1.2 million state investment in an AccessCNY project. This funding will help them build a new 4,000 square foot center in Northern Onondaga County which will help meet the mental health and behavioral needs of children and young adults with disabilities by providing respite, social work counseling and sensory skill training.

“AccessCNY is beyond grateful to the State Assembly and Assemblyman Stirpe for securing the capital funding to support the creation of a Children’s Respite and Wellness Center in Central New York,” said AccessCNY’s Joslyn. “The new center to be built and operated by AccessCNY will continue our mission of adapting to meet the needs of the community. Prior to the COVID pandemic mental health issues were a growing community issue, especially for children with disabilities. The need for mental health support has only skyrocketed in the last two years. We look forward to breaking ground on the new center in 2023. By improving the mental, developmental and behavioral health of kids in Central New York we’re improving their lives, the lives of the family members who care for them and creating a community where all can belong.”

About AccessCNY: AccessCNY serves over 3,000 people with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses and/or acquired brain injuries each year. The agency offers services that empower individuals to create and achieve their own success, while creating a community where all people belong. In 2015 AccessCNY was created from the merger of two agencies that served individuals with disabilities: Enable and Transitional Living Services. AccessCNY expanded again in 2018 with the merger of Spaulding Support Services. Onondaga CASA, a program that serves abused and neglected children in foster care became part of AccessCNY in 2019. For more information about AccessCNY visit: www.accesscny.org.

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