Thank You- Unique Peerspectives & Berkana Teams

Thank You Peer Support Specialists

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for mental health support has risen all over the world. Recognizing this, the teams at AccessCNY’s Unique Peerspectives and Berkana programs have taken extraordinary effort to ensure help is available for Central New Yorkers in need.

Some of their efforts include:

  • Keeping AccessCNY’s drop in mental health center (Unique Peerspectives) open to the public
  • Creating an online platform for people to seek confidential mental health support via Facebook Messenger (Access CNY Peer Support Services)
  • Volunteering with Contact Community Services, Inc. to meet the increased need on their Contact Crisis Line
  • Offering to provide peer support services to psychiatric inpatients at Upstate
  • Offering to provide free peer support (via phone) to inmates at the Justice Center

To everyone on the Unique Peerspectives & Berkana teams, thank you for extending your expertise not only to AccessCNY participants, but to the community at large. You are helping to fill an important need for us all right now. We see you and we thank you.

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