Children’s Services

AccessCNY’s Children Services are designed to help youth (ages 5-21) develop daily living and relationship building skills. Each of our services is personalized, flexible and designed to help kids reach their own personal goals.

Our goal is to provide local families with the resources and supports needed to keep kids safe and comfortable in their natural environments: at home, in school and in the community. 

Learn more about AccessCNY’s Children’s Services below or contact us to find out if our services are right for your family! 

Available Services/Supports

AccessCNY’s Caregiver & Family Support Services provides family members and other caregivers with the training and education needed to make informed and empowered choices for their children.

Staff members can also provide referrals to available community resources and services for children with developmental, medical, mental health and/or substance use needs.

Community Habilitation helps children learn functional life skills such as cooking, healthy eating and socialization in a community setting

Harmony in the Home is a unique program for children with autism and their families who need guidance in managing challenging behaviors in the home. 

Harmony in the Home offers three programs in one:

1) Community Habilitation- A Youth Specialist will work with your child in accomplishing goals and developing daily living skills.

2) Respite- A Youth Specialist can offer relief support while parents/family have an afternoon or evening to themselves.

3) Assistive Supports- Harmony in the Home can help coordinate behavioral support services as well as reimbursements for certain approved goods and services.

AccessCNY offers psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) services for children with a mental health diagnosis and their families.

In this program AccessCNY’s trained staff work with families to identify a child’s personal goals, as well as obstacles that interfere with their mental health treatment. Children then work 1-on-1 with staff to complete “hands on” tasks that will help them progress towards their goals.

Note- You must be Medicaid eligible to enroll in this service. 

AccessCNY’s planned respite support services provides short term relief for families/caregivers. During this respite time, staff will support the child in working towards their mental and physical health care goals.


AccessCNY’s Pre-Vocational services prepares interested teenagers (14+) for paid or volunteer work by teaching skills such as:

  • Communicating with coworkers
  • Career planning
  • Workplace problem solving

AccessCNY’s Supported Employment services helps interested teenagers (14+) in finding and maintaining steady and fulfilling employment. Supports can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Finding a job that matches the youth’s skills and interests
  • Job coaching
  • Benefits support

AccessCNY helps children and their families/caregivers learn more about:

  • The child’s unique developmental, medical, mental health and/or substance use needs
  • How to effectively advocate for fair treatment with medical professionals and service providers


Kristin Gentile
Children’s Services, Assistant Program Director
Phone: 315-218-0839 | Fax: 315-455-5989

Mackenzie Milligan
Program Manager/Behavior Specialist


Services are available to youth (aged 21 or under) who meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled OR are eligible to enroll
    in Medicaid
  • Have a: physical disability, mental health diagnosis, substance use
    disorder or have a developmental disability and live in foster care

AccessCNY’s Children’s Services are operated as part of the Children’s Home and Community Based Services (or Children’s HCBS) program. As such, they are Medicaid funded and must be authorized through a Home Health Care Manager or Managed Care Organization. Our staff are happy to work with you on gaining eligibility if you contact us.