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Speech & Language Therapy – Children

Speech and Language Therapy helps people of all ages communicate better and understand information more easily. It usually focuses on improving two types of skills:

  1. Speech Skills- The ability to make the right sound and use the voice fully without straining 
  2. Language & Communication Skills- The ability to understand information when others are talking and the ability to express your own thoughts (verbally and/or nonverbally).  

The process starts with an evaluation by one of our trained speech therapists, who learns about an individual’s personal goals for speech therapy and then creates a personalized treatment plan. Over a series of one-on-one sessions, the speech therapist and participant will work towards those personal goals. As each person makes progress, the speech therapist will change the treatment plan to incorporate new and more challenging activities.  
For long-term speech therapy participants, our Speech Language Pathologists can also make recommendations for a variety of augmentative communication devices

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