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DD/ABI Housing – Seniors

Since 1982 AccessCNY’s DD/ABI Housing services have empowered adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries to live independently in our community.  
We believe that every person deserves the freedom to determine what their “best life” looks like and be supported in pursuing it. The staff in our residences are trained to help individuals set goals and develop/maintain the various skills needed to achieve them. Residents are also encouraged to get involved in the community. All of our residences are located in neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation and community venues.  
Currently AccessCNY offers two types of residences, officially known as Certified Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs), for adults with disabilities. Learn more about each type of housing below:

Supervised IRAS are homes where two to seven adults with disabilities live together. Each supervised IRA provides 24/7/365 staffing to meet the needs of the residents. 

In Supportive IRAs, individuals live in apartments, either by themselves or with a roommate. Staffing is not provided 24/7, but scheduled based on each person’s individual needs. If needed, there are AccessCNY staff “on call” to help with unexpected needs that arise outside of regularly scheduled hours.

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