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Occupational Therapy – Seniors

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a type of clinical therapy that focuses on improving the strength, flexibility and dexterity of small muscles like those in the fingers, wrists and hands (known as fine motor skills). For a child, this may mean working with an OT on hand strength so that they can hold a pencil correctly. For adults, occupational therapy often focuses on making daily tasks (like buttoning a button or using a knife and fork) easier.  

While the muscles occupational therapy focuses on are small, the impact of OT is not! By improving daily living skills, many people are able to enjoy more independence.  
At AccessCNY’s clinic, our occupational therapists provide one-on-one attention to every person. After an evaluation, our OTs will create a treatment plan to address the person’s individual needs and goals. This treatment plan is carried out during regularly scheduled appointments. As skills progress, the OT will update the treatment plan with new goals.
As part of our long-term therapy, our OTs can also make recommendations for adaptive equipment (which is often available at no cost through AccessCNY’s TRAID Center).  

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