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Mental Health Housing Services – Adults

AccessCNY’s Mental Health Housing program offers several types of housing for adults with a mental health diagnosis. Each of our programs provides a different level of support, but all of them are designed to be flexible enough to meet changing needs and goals.  

Read about AccessCNY’s Mental Health Housing options below:

Congregate Residences:

Homes or apartments where adults with a mental health diagnosis who are in need of support live together. 

Congregate sites have support staff available 24/7/365.

Apartment Treatment Program:

Community apartments* where up to two adults with a mental health diagnosis live. 

Apartment Treatment staff are available to provide support during daytime hours, seven days a week.

Supportive Independent Housing:

With assistance from staff, adults with a mental health diagnosis find their own home in the community.

Program staff are then available to provide support – if needed- during daytime hours, seven days a week. 

*Leased through AccessCNY

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