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Mental Health Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) – Adults

AccessCNY’s Mental Health Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) help empower individuals with a mental health diagnosis to build independence and get involved in their community. Click on any of our services below to learn more.

Mental Health HCBS Services for Adults

Education Support Services (support going back to school)

Education Support services help adults with a mental health diagnosis to return to school and eventually gain employment with their new skills. This program can provide support in a variety of ways including:

  • Teaching educational skills such as how to study and take notes
  • Helping to develop time and stress management techniques
  • Self-advocacy training
  • Social skill building

When necessary, staff can also help advocate for appropriate classroom accommodations through the school.

Empowerment Services (peer to peer support)

AccessCNY’s Empowerment services give individuals in mental health recovery a chance to connect with a peer support specialist who has “been in their shoes.” Using both professional training and their own personal experiences, our peers can help with:

  • Developing coping skills
  • Connecting with community resources such as support groups
  • Providing support to pursue goals that increase wellness, spirituality, safety and community connections

Family Support and Training (support for families)

The Family Support and Training program empowers friends, family and caregivers of people with a mental health diagnosis to be active and informed supporters during their loved one’s recovery. This program is open to friends, family and caregivers/staff; anyone who wants to be part of their loved one’s support network.

With their loved ones, family and friends in this program will learn about:

  • Medical and recovery models
  • The symptoms of and treatments for relevant mental health diagnoses
  • Psychiatric medication
  • Problem-solving and coping skills
  • Symptom management and relapse prevention techniques
  • Nurturing fulfilling relationships

Habilitation Services (support living independently)

Habilitation services empower interested adults with a mental health diagnosis to live safely and independently in the community. Common areas of assistance include:

  • Finding housing and interacting with neighbors/landlords/etc.
  • Learning and strengthening household skills like meal planning, housekeeping and budgeting
  • Available community resources and how to use them

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (improve wellness and relationship skills)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation services support adults with a mental health diagnosis in meeting personal goals that improve their mental wellness and relationship skills. Common goals include:

  • Creating and using wellness plans and crisis plans
  • Becoming more comfortable in social situations
  • Improving social/interpersonal skills
  • Enhancing self-awareness, assertiveness, negotiation and problem-solving techniques

Pre-Vocational Services (support finding employment)

AccessCNY’s Pre-Vocational services help eligible adults to prepare for finding and excelling in a new job (either paid or volunteer). These services are short-term and can aid in:

  • Exploring job descriptions/openings to determine needed qualifications
  • Identifying whether a workplace would be a “good fit”
  • Preparing for difficult interview questions, especially around mental and physical health

Ongoing Supported Employment Services (support succeeding in current employment)

AccessCNY’s Ongoing Supported Employment (ISE) services are for adults with a mental health diagnosis that are already employed. Staff can provide a variety of supports to help people thrive in their workplace, including:

  • Help creating a plan to balance responsibilities at home and at work
  • Help arranging transportation to/from work
  • Providing extra support during stressful times of workplace change

Intensive Supported Employment (intensive employment assistance)

AccessCNY’s Intensive Supported Employment (ISE) services help people with a mental health diagnosis find, get hired at and succeed in a job they enjoy. Some of the supports available through this program include:

  • Help searching for jobs that are interesting and appropriate to the person’s skills or help establishing self-employment (including home based jobs)
  • Support during the interview process including help with resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Provide ongoing guidance on work related matters

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