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Day Habilitation – Adults

AccessCNY’s Day Habilitation program (also known as Community Networks or Networks) is for adults with developmental disabilities who want to build life skills and explore their interests alongside their peers.  

Together with staff, the group chooses activities that help build independent living and relationship skills. The program is also designed to build knowledge on how to effectively advocate for oneself. Networks participants are encouraged to learn about community resources and to build new relationships. In the past, our Networks groups have done volunteer work, gone fishing, learned to cook new recipes and arranged “behind the scenes” tours at local businesses. 

Supplemental Day Habilitation:

Supplemental Day Habilitation services take place on weekday afternoons/evenings and on weekends. Activities in Supplemental Day Habilitation include volunteering for local organizations, cooking, sporting events, concerts and festivals and self-advocacy work.

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