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Physical Therapy – Adults

Physical Therapy (PT) can provide a wide variety of benefits for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, including:  

  • Increased strength and endurance 
  • Improved balance and coordination 
  • Better range of motion 
  • Less pain 

At AccessCNY the physical therapy process starts with an evaluation, where one of our physical therapists (PTs) will learn about an individual’s goals and evaluate their current skill levels. Then the PT will design a custom physical therapy treatment plan, which they will help carry out during a series of one-on-one appointments. This ensures that every person receives their physical therapist’s undivided attention. As skills progress, the PT will update the treatment plan appropriately.

As part of long-term therapy, our PTs can also make recommendations for home exercise programs and adaptive equipment (which is often available for no cost through AccessCNY’s TRAID Center).  

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